justin timberlake in his suit on the red carpet of the MTV Vma's 2013

Justin Timberlake. Photo Courtesy of the Huffington Post

The highly anticipated 2013 MTV VMA Awards went down last night. For the first time in the show’s 30 year history, the Video Music Awards were held at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, NY. The many hyped performances did not disappoint (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake’s medley of hits including a brief reunion with former ‘NYSYNC boy band members to name a few).

As entertaining and fun as the music acts are to watch and the winner announcements are climactic, everyone loves the red carpet fashion of the VMA’s.
Part of the excitement is not knowing what in the world some stars will show up wearing and the other part is discussing the fashion choices later. There were a lot of crazy fashions seen on the carpet last night and more than a few misses, but there were a select few that were definitely hits.

Selena Gomez in her navy blue Versace dress on the red carpet of the MTV VMA's 2013

Selena Gomez in Versace. Photo Courtesy of the Huffington Post

By far the best overall look of the night was Selena Gomez in Versace. The long elegant navy blue gown with sparkly rhinestones lining the dress and a peek-a-boo lace wired bra half showing was a bit too mature for the young 21 year old star, but the dress itself was gorgeous and Selena wore it well. Taylor Swift, also in a navy blue elegant Herve Leger by Max Azria gown looked more like an old time starlet and her hair, although pretty, did not flow with the dress and aged her too many years.

The worst dressed was a hard choice given there were so many of them. But the one who takes the cake, is unsurprisingly singer/rapper Lil’ Kim. The top with the black ruffles and high waist belt had some potential, but then it turned into a weird 80’s Michael Jackson inspired jumpsuit that made her look ready to shoot a workout video, not walk a red carpet. The super high yellow stiletto heel pumps did not match the outfit and looked all sorts of wrong.

Jenni 'Jwoww' in her dress on the red carpet of the VMA's

Jenni “Jwoww” on the red carpet. Photo Courtesy of the Huffington Post

The most improved red carpet look was Jenni “JWoww” from MTV’s Jersey Shore. The dress was beautiful, sophisticated, grown-up and it covered a lot of what she usually shows too much of! Applause for Jenni! Speaking of applause, Lady Gaga’s ever changing outfits/hair/look continued last night on the red carpet and during her performance of her latest single “Applause.” She knocked it out of the park with her super quick, fun wardrobe and wig changes on stage. After her performance she stayed in her seashell bra and thong get up for the rest of the show and left little to the imagination. Most daring look? Yes that would be Lady Gaga.

Lil Kim in her outfit on the red carpet of the MTV Vma's 2013

Lil Kim. Photo Courtesy of the Huffington Post

katy perry in her dress on the red carpet of the MTV VMA's 2013

Katy Perry. Photo Courtesy of the Huffington Post

Taylor Swift in her navy blue gown on the red carpet of the mtv vma's 2013

Taylor Swift. Photo Courtesy of the Huffington Post

And finally the most fierce look on the red carpet was Katy Perry in her “roar” animal knee length dress from Emanuel Ungaro. It was pretty and sexy with the high slit, but the high turtleneck was not necessary. I get she wanted to be like a tiger or something with her ROAR titled single out now, but the turtleneck looked uncomfortable and stuffy. The dress would have been closer to the best dressed list if the neckline was more open.

Of course, there was much more fashion going on last night at the show, but those were your stand outs, good and bad. Oh and not to leave out the guys, some wore jeans and others wore suits. The end.

We can’t wait to see what fashion choices come out of next year’s show. We’ll definitely be watching (and judging a little).


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