Here at Styliaque™ our motto is : “If a really smart person a brainiac, then a really stylish person must be a styliaque.”   But being a brainiac and a styliaque are not mutually exclusive. In fact, to be a styliaque is to be a very smart lady, aware of your body shape, its positive attributes and those that you cringe at in the mirror (it’s ok – we all do it) and to seek out those designs, particular fabrics, colors and specific cuts of clothing that will enhance your favorite body parts and minimize the less than admirable parts of your body.

Don’t confuse being stylish with being trendy. They can be one and the same, but only if that “latest and greatest” trendy fashion fad makes you look and feel your absolute best. If you blindly fill your wardrobe with the latest fashion crazes without considering whether it is truly most complementary to your body shape and lifestyle, then you may well be trendy, but stylish? Not so much.

Being a Styliaque™ is analogous to being a magician. Put on a gorgeously tailored blouse in a fabric that drapes your body just so and in a color that brightens your complexion and brings out the sparkle in your eyes – and magic occurs! Done right, your less than favorite body attributes are hidden –  and poof!! All anyone will see is spectacular you. A spectacular Styliaque™!

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