The Emmy Awards celebrate the best and brightest in TV every year. There are so many talented actors, directors, producers and the competition is high. What could be more exciting than seeing who wins for Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress? What the actresses wear on the red carpet, of course!

Every awards season, experts and fans alike wait and ponder what their favorite celebrities will be wearing. The 2013 Emmy Awards were no different.

Photos of  Sophia Vergara, Kerry Washington, Lena Dunham and Claire Danes at the 2013 Emmy Awards

(L-R) Sophia Vergara, Kerry Washington, Lena Dunham, Claire Danes at the 2013 Emmy Awards

By far, the best dressed at last night’s awards show was Sophia Vergara in Vera Wang. The vibrant red was a stunning color against her skin tone and the deep V neckline cut was elegant, sexy and glamorous. She was also wearing a reportedly $7 MILLION worth of jewels, diamonds and rubies from Lorraine Schwartz (!) The dress fit her perfectly and the mermaid shape at the bottom of the dress was gorgeous.

Kerry Washington was a close second to Sophia, though. The beautiful nude-with-flowers gown by Marchesa was a perfect fit for her body. There was no ‘Scandal’ to her outfit as it wasn’t too youthful or too grown-up, but simply perfectly age appropriate. (Something we can all take away from, ladies). The neckline was classy, not being too low cut. The flower designs were perfectly placed on the gown and we just love love loved it.

Of course, there always have to be fashion misses to the fashion hits. (Like ying to yang) Unfortunately, Lena Dunham continued her presence on the fashion miss list last night. Even in Prada, (a fancy name doesn’t mean it’s nice) the dress looked all wrong. The deep V-neckline cut (we’re seeing a trend here) did nothing for her figure or her bust. It was simply just a bust of a gown. The bottom half of the dress had no style to it; just laying there like an ugly 1970’s bed sheet from your grandma’s house. Lena did put a little more effort into her makeup and hair this time, which helped, but the colors and roses on the dress were just a bad combination. Sorry, Girls.

Claire Danes of Homeland was pretty much a fashion miss as well. In a long, neutral shade gown from Armani Prive, it did not complement her figure at all. Again, the dress had a deep V-neckline (definitely a trend going on here) and it did nothing to support or enhance her. The lace and fabric design were alright, but it did not do anything for Claire. What it did was make her look washed out. Note to women: if you have light skin, DON’T go for pale tones. You need bright, vibrant colors!

Photos of Linda Cardellini, Aubrey Plaza and Sarah Hyland at the 2013 Emmy Awards Red Carpet

(L-R) Linda Cardellini, Aubrey Plaza and Sarah Hyland at the 2013 Emmy Awards

Another “Best-dressed” last night was Linda Cardellini. The sharp, versatile ‘Mad Men’ actress wore a beautiful rose-colored Donna Karen gown. The pickups and swirl design of the dress was stunning as was her hair, make-up and minimal jewelry. Note to women: Keep one part of your outfit flashy and the rest subdued. For example, fancy dress, fancy hair, low-key earrings, bracelets, etc. Don’t go overboard on EVERYTHING (Although we know how tempting it can be).

Aubrey Plaza of “SNL” fame looked like she was entering her teenage goth phase with this long dark high neckline dress by Marios Schwab. It was not elegant, not pretty and definitely not stunning. The Emmys are the place to show your “WOW” factor. This was not it.  Her top half almost looked like a mummy wrapped in a spiderwebbed fabric. Bad.

Sarah Hyland of “Modern Family” was definitely on our best dressed list. The beautiful green Carolina Herrera gown was not too sophisticated for her, nor was it too youthful looking. The emerald green was a nice color choice, as many stars did not take that risk. The shirring down the V-neck cut was elegant and appropriate for her. The matching green jewelry complemented the dress very well. The only thing we would change is her lipstick color and hair style. A more nude or neutral color would have looked better and her hair worn down in wavy, light curls would have made her appear more youthful and less stark.

Have any comments or questions? We’d love to hear your opinion. Email us at Until the next red carpet awards show….

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