Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the 2013 AMA's

Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the 2013 AMA’s Photo Courtesy of

Taylor Swift on the red carpet of the American Music Awards 2013

Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards 2013 Photo Courtesy of E!Online

Pop Star Rihanna at the 2013 American Music Awards

Rihanna receiving the Icon Award at the 2013 American Music Awards. Photo Courtesy of

Miley Cyrus performing onstage at the 2013 American Music Awards singing Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus performing at the 2013 AMA’s . Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News


Katy Perry on the red carpet of the American Music Awards 2013

Katy Perry on the red carpet of the American Music Awards 2013 Photo Courtesy of E!Online













Last night the American Music Awards went down in Los Angeles and though the show itself was a tad on the boring side, the fashions certainly did not disappoint. There were some great performances with stunning costumes, and of course hit and miss fashions on the red carpet. We narrowed down our choices for best and worst dressed at the award show and this is what we have:

Kendall and Kylie Jenner: Best Dressed
Sure these two are only 18 and 16 respectively, but when you got it, flaunt it, right? The young stars of Keeping Up With the Kardashians both looked stunning on the red carpet. Kendall proves wearing white after Labor Day is not only allowed, it should be done! The top cut out and the short skirt left little to the imagination but I’m sure Harry Styles of One Direction won’t  mind. (They’re rumored to be dating). Kylie kept it simple yet elegant in a black and white almost conservative pant and top combo. Our hats off to Kylie who showed us you can be classy and beautiful and still cover up.

Taylor Swift: Best Dressed
Taylor Swift was sizzling last night in a Julien MacDonald gold sparkly mini dress that pretty much only she can. The show stopping dress also had a nude cutout covering her, shall we say, top area, so as to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Job well done, Taylor. She looked great overall as well. Her hair was tasseled in a perfectly subtle messy way and her makeup was just enough to enhance her features, but not overwhelm them. The gold strapped heels added the perfect finishing touch to this gorgeous outfit. Maybe Harry Styles (yes, the same Harry as mentioned above), was regretting his decision to dump Taylor after last night?

Miley Cyrus: Worst Dressed
Ok, well to be fair, she didn’t walk the red carpet in this outfit, but performed in it. We know that Miley likes to push the envelope by now, so all things considering, her fashion could have been a lot risker and more risque. However, a barely there 2 piece swimsuit look-a-like with a kitten motif was just not working. The accessories were distracting for us watching on television, so we can’t imagine how they were to wear while she’s singing her heart out. The massive space-like bracelets did not match the whole feline theme. Ms. Cyrus also performed with a giant screen projection of a blinking cat mimicking her words to “Wrecking Ball”. You know what they say about the “crazy cat lady.” But we’ll let you decide for yourself.

Katy Perry: Worst Dressed
We hate to do this because we love Katy Perry so much, but this dress just wasn’t quite doing it for the Queen Katy. She did look beautiful, but we wish she had chosen a more contemporary, youthful gown. The black polka dot flowery dress belongs to Betty Draper’s table cloth set, not a dress on the red carpet in 2013. The pattern is ugly and the bottom cut is not flattering. Note to Styliaques everywhere: Polka dots are still very popular, but as you can see from Katy Perry’s dress, it doesn’t mean you should wear a trend because it’s “in” right now. Where what looks nice on YOU! Ok, we digress. Overall, Katy looked beautiful with her soft makeup and neatly coiffed hair; just change the dress and she would have been an A+ in our books!

Rihanna: Worst Dressed
Of course RiRi can do no wrong. Except sometimes with her outfits. In her defense, she did not wear this getup as a red carpet walk, but rather when she performed and accepted the first ever Icon Award. The black see through top with short shorts and high gladiator boots were not as daring as Rihanna usually goes. The issue we have with this outfit was that it was just sort of blah. It didn’t stand out, it did nothing for her figure. It made RiRi look like she was getting ready for battle in an Ancient Greece themed film. The mullet hair cut was just not doing it for her and can we talk about the blue/aqua/green/ lipstick she had on? What on earth was that? Rihanna is a huge pop star for a reason. We just hope next time she comes out in a beautiful, long gown that really WOWs us!


That’s your American Music Award 2013 Best and Worst Dressed breakdown. If you want to let us know what you think, leave a comment.

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